Support Native Spanish Education in Our School

"Now, more than ever due to the lack of available bi-lingual teachers, we need our school community's support to help fund this program."

As parents of children enrolled in Buena Vista, we know you value Spanish Immersion as part of your child's education. The Buena Vista Parent Organization wants to keep you informed of how our efforts evolve in tandem with the school’s needs.

First, a little background. Due to the difficulty of finding, hiring, and retaining bilingual teachers, Buena Vista moved from a 90:10 model in Kindergarten and First grades to a 50:50 model of Spanish immersion education for all.

Additionally, the student-to-teacher ratio at Buena Vista remains one of the highest in the 4J district. This is due to not being qualified as a "Title 1" school, which would allow for more funding to provide additional EAs in the classroom (Educational Assistants).

To compensate for these two major challenges, for over 10 years, the BVPO has fundraised and administered an extraordinary program called Amity; bringing up to 5 teacher interns into our school to enhance our children's education.

Amity Teacher Interns bring native Spanish language skills, teaching expertise from outside the US, diversity of cultural backgrounds, and drop the student-to-teacher ratio significantly.

A single Amity Teacher Intern costs around $7,000 per year to our organization. With 5 active interns during a school year, that averages to about $100 per child.

We are seeking to host 5 Teacher Interns in the next school year so we need to raise $35,000.

The BVPO's fundraising for this program is intensive and stretches the resources of the volunteer parents, limiting our ability to focus on other activities that affect and would enhance our school experience, so we are asking for a direct donation from you and your circle of family and friends.

The most effective way for this to happen is for you to post a fundraiser to your Facebook Page.

In addition to this effort, many employers will MATCH your charitable donations, so please ask your employer if they offer this or are willing to do so. If so, please contact our treasurer to coordinate (Ben Moseley

We also accept donations via PayPal and Venmo (credit card processing fees apply), or you can optimize your donation by writing a check to avoid processing fees, sending it to the following address:


1574 COBURG RD #422

EUGENE, OR 97401

Please consider asking your family, friends, and employer to support your child's educational experience this year and thank you!

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