Our Vision

BVPO Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals

(FINAL APPROVED #3 4/5/2021)


The Board of Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary School Parent Organization holds the following vision, mission, values, and goals. These attributes are to be reviewed in a five year interval following approval from the General Membership, or sooner, if circumstances dictate.


Buena Vista Spanish Immersion Elementary will be a bilingual school community where all children thrive, parents are empowered to be active partners in their children’s education, and staff has the resources to create a rich and engaging learning environment.


BVPO provides sustainable, enduring pathways to support student success by meaningfully engaging parents in their children’s education, building a robust bilingual school environment, providing resources to enrich learning, and fostering collaboration between parents and staff.


Diversity: We celebrate the potential of every person’s culture, race, socio-economic background, education, age, immigration status, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, marital status, or any other factor.

Inclusivity: We are committed to engaging all parents, supporting all staff, and providing optimal learning for every student in a bilingual environment that is intrinsically part of a broader community.

Relationships: We recognize that building strong relationships is the foundation of a healthy community.

Equity: We recognize that because of differences in socioeconomic and educational backgrounds and culture it is harder for some parents and students to successfully engage in current social and educational structures. We are committed to providing support and resources so that everyone can thrive in our community.

Flexibility: Within the scope of our vision and mission, we are committed to being flexible in response to the diverse and changing needs of our school community.


1. Increase parent involvement in our school

  • Increase participation in BVPO general meetings, particularly Lantinx participation

  • Fill Board Positions, ideally with BIPOC and / or bilingual parents

  • Partner with staff to research and implement strategies for improving communication between staff and parents

2. Provide support for enriching student learning

  • Provide for 5 Amity teachers per school year

  • Recruit parent volunteers

  • Provide a budget and application process for teachers to use to support enrichment activities

  • Promote collaborations with U of O and other outside organizations.

  • Collaborate with staff to access, maintain, and improve the school library.

3. Build school Community

  • Offer regular, ongoing outreach and programs (examples: Carnival, Dia de Los Muertos art handout for students, connecting with parents via Zoom chats, tying fundraisers with BV Family businesses)

  • Partner with the school counselor to facilitate Joint Action Group Support (JAGS) for families in need.

  • Support families experience food insecurity through collaboration on a food pantry and the Weekend Backpack Food Program.

  • Collaborate with parents to show teacher appreciation.

4. Conduct fundraising to support projects and events that align with our mission, vision and goals.

  • Specific amount: $50,000.

  • Fundraisers may need to be adjusted in order to meet the needs of the moment.

  • A non-exhaustive list of examples:

  • Subasta

  • La Velada

  • School logo clothing sale

  • Citrus fruit sale

  • Plant sale

  • Dinners out

  • Wreath Sale

  • Direct Drive

  • Book Fair

  • Coin Drive

  • Amazon Smile

5. Adopt a sustainable approach to BVPO administration

  • Streamline administrative processes

  • Organize information for continuity

  • Promote communication across the organization